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SoccerGrlProbs Soccer Camps are first of it's kind to have an ALL FEMALE staff and player residential camp coached by licensed D1 athletes, professionals, and coaches. Our residential camps are 4 days, 3 nights, and are open to all girls ages 10 – 18!

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SoccerGrlProbs is an internationally known and viral social media and lifestyle brand that empowers female athletes to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. Their mission is to inspire young female athletes to continue playing and to challenge themselves on and beyond the soccer field

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The SoccerGrlProbs/PS90 philosophy is to create a positive environment that promotes success and continuous learning, both on and off the field, while helping build a foundation of lifelong values for long-term success.

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We want our Ladyballers to get the most out of their camp experience and be challenged to be the best that they can possibly be! Throughout the week, our ladyballers will be placed in groups according to what our staff feels they will benefit the most from! We have three main areas of focus in order to make sure that every ladyballer walks away from camp with a well-rounded understanding of the game and an elevated level of play when they return home!

Technically driven curriculum with the basics in mind to help refine your success on the field. This program is appropriate for both players that are new to the game and those looking to fine tune their fundamentals in a challenging enviroment.

Tactically driven curriculum designed at a high-level to challenge your tactical awareness and put your technique to the test. This program is ideal for players that are playing at the club or high school level and are proficient in their technical abilities.

Designed to test players in every aspect of the game, our curriculum is designed to put both your technical and tactical skills to the test while pushing you to see the game at the highest level. This program is designed for the advanced club players and those looking to play beyond high school and at the next level.

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Tristin Stuteville
Director of Coaching
Katy Etelman
Fieldplayer Director
Jessi Hartzler
Fieldplayer Staff

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