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SoccerGrlProbs Soccer Camps are first of it's kind to have an ALL FEMALE staff and player residential camp coached by licensed D1 athletes, professionals, and coaches. Our residential camps are 4 days, 3 nights, and are open to all girls ages 10 – 18!

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SoccerGrlProbs is an internationally known and viral social media and lifestyle brand that empowers female athletes to feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. Their mission is to inspire young female athletes to continue playing and to challenge themselves on and beyond the soccer field

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The SoccerGrlProbs philosophy is to create a positive environment that promotes success and continuous learning, both on and off the field, while helping build a foundation of lifelong values for long-term success.
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SoccerGrlProbs Camps are not your average soccer camps!

Fun fact #1: We are 100% run by Ladyballers for Ladyballers.

Fun fact #2: We put great focus on soccer training but we also provide education on nutrition, goal-setting, positive mentality, and overall holistic health so that campers can be the healthiest and happiest female-athletes, on and off the field.

Fun fact #3: We had a successful 2021 Ohio Camp last year and are amped to announce that we now are offering 5 NEW CAMP LOCATIONS!

Engage - Encourage - Empower

What's Included

  1. An Exclusive SoccerGrlProbs Camp T-Shirt
  2. An EXCLUSIVE SoccerGrlProbs Ball
  3. A Bootbag (Every Bootbag given to our campers helps give a pair of cleats to a child in need!)
  4. A year of FREE Access to Techne Futbol
  5. A year of FREE Access to SGP University
  6. SGP Camps Mask
  7. Sanitization Pack (Hand Sanitizers & Disenfectant Wipes)
  8. Q&A with SGP
  9. Nutrition & Positive Body Image for Ladyballer's Workshop
  10. Goal Setting & Leadership Workshop
  11. **Residential Camps also include meals and housing**
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Being a SoccerGrlProbs Camper means you have access to nutrition, goal setting, SGP Q&A sessions on top of all the additional communication, training, and support programs from our 100% female-staff that we have in place for you. We want you to learn how to take care of your body before and after training, how to fuel your body throughout the year, how to understand what a strong, athletic body looks like, and how to navigate all the things you will come across as you move from youth, to high school, and the road map you will need to understand the college process.
Engage - Encourage - Empower

Meet the Team

Tristin Stuteville
Director of Coaching
Katy Etelman
Fieldplayer Director
Jordyn Atagi
National Admin & Site Director