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What is a SGP Camp?

SoccerGrlProbs Camps are first of it's kind to have an all-female staff and player residential camp coached by licensed D1 athletes, Professional Soccer players, and current college coaches. Since our camps are broken down by skill level and not age, campers will come away with a tailored and focused experience that hones in on improving them as a player and will have them better prepared to contribute to their individual and their team's ongoing success both on and off the field. Upon completion of your registration, you will be sent a questioner that will allow us to place Ladyballers at their appropriate camp level. Once you arrive at camp if we feel like you might be challenged more by a higher placement we will move you into the appropriate session.

We want to improve your skills and confidence on and off the ball and stay with you as a player and person throughout the year as well. Being a SoccerGrlProbs Camper means you have access to the SoccerGrlProbs Camp app and all the additional communication, training, and support programs we have in place for you. We want you to learn how to take care of your body before and after training, how to fuel your body throughout the year, how to understand what a strong, athletic body looks like, and how do navigate all the things you will come across as you move from youth, to high school, and the road map you will need to understand the college process.

It doesn't end there either! We want to encourage all our Ladyballers to stay engaged in the soccer community, and through our work with United Soccer Coaches, we will offer you courses and classes to start gaining your coaching licenses. With these licenses, you will not only be increasing your soccer IQ, but you will have a chance to use what you learn in your own communities and give back to a sport that gives so much to you! We need more female coaches and that can start with you!

SoccerGrlProbs Camps gives you year-long access to ongoing training through Techne Futbol. Created and designed by Women's soccer pioneer, and former Women's National Team Player and NWSL player Yael Averbuch, Techne Futbol has the videos to get you from beginner to advanced and improve your ability to contribute to your team's ongoing success.

Last but not least you will be able to use the SoccerGrlProbs Camps app to connect to local SGP and PS90 Soccer coaches in your area for personalized live 1 on 1 training, anytime anywhere in the city. Need to work on passing, pull up Coach Connect in the app find a coach that's available and close by, they will tell you when and where to meet them for training.

Ladyballers deserve the best, and we know being a Ladyballer is a year-round commitment, that is why SoccerGrlProbs Camps doesn't end when you leave your week of camp!

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