A Ladyballer's Day at SGP Camps

At SoccerGrlProbs Camp it is our goal to create an environment where our campers will come away with a tailored and focused experience that hones in on growing as both a player and a person! We want to help improve your skills and confidence on and off the ball and stay connected with you throughout the year! During your week at camp you'll have the opportunity to meet other Ladyballer's from all over the world, compete in daily challenges and activities, and participate in workshops and classroom sessions with SoccerGrlProbs, current and former NWSL Players, industry leaders in Female Athletics and more! Believe us when we say, this is EVERYTHING we wish camp was when we were your age!

Day One

Day One is all about getting into the camp environment, meeting your fellow Ladyballers & getting into game like situations as much as possible. We typically use Day One to help form appropriate groups for the rest of the week.

Day Two

In Day Two our Ladyballers will be split into their groups & will focus on different technical aspects of the game in the morning followed by a tactically driven session in the afternoon to allow them to apply what they learned in the morning session to their game!

Day Three

Day Three will follow a similar pattern to Day Two but will tackle specific moments in the game such as crossing, transition moments, or finishing. The afternoon session will be very game/decision making focused to help bring in moments from all three days.

Day Four

Day Four will hold the last session of the week that will be full of individual & group challenges encompassing both soccer & fitness! Dependant on location, this session is always open for parents & families to come watch & cheer on their Ladyballer!