Hello #LADYBALLERS!! Happy day number 35234 of quarantine haha I know that all of us here at SoccerGrlProbs Camps are itching to get back on the field with all of our friends and teammates and we know that you all are too!The deeper into quarantine we get the harder it may become for you to feel motivated to continue to train or make time for yourself both as a player and a person.




Starting on Monday, we are going to take a deep dive into five different areas that we believe will help you all be the best that YOU can be! We will be bringing you a different topic each day to help you stay focused throughout the week and continue to be the best #LADYBALLER you can be!




#MindfullMonday – So much of the game of soccer is mental regardless of what position you play! That being said, were going to start the week strong with a day full of mindfulness and mental skills!


#TastyTuesday – We’re bringing you a new healthy recipe to try every week! A lot of the times a simple change in the kitchen can help push you into that next gear, Tuesdays are all about trying new foods and understanding how the little things, like food, impact your game!


#WedensdayWhy – Every Wednesday we will be showcasing and highlighting different professional players, coaches, and even some of you about why you’re involved in the game! Everyone has their own story and their own ‘why’ and we want to help YOU tell your story and give you all the opportunity to hear others’ journeys and reasons behind what they do in the game!


#3peatThursday – Its circuit time ladies!!!! We love a good circuit and were bringing one to you every week! Each circuit will be three rounds and we want to see you sweat with us!!


#FootskillsFriday – We know you all have the fanciest feet in the game so were looking for you all to share your fanciest foot skill or juggling trick to be highlighted on our page!! Keep an eye out for some footwork activities you can do in your backyard as well!

#SocialSaturday – Send us a picture of you and your teammates at a tournament or event from last season and enter to win an exclusive SGP Camps T-shirt!


#SundayStandards - What are the standards that you as an individual set for yourself and are they reflected in your team standards? We want to use this day as a weekly reflection and reset to get you ready for the week ahead!  


We cannot wait to get this started with you all on Monday!!Again, this is for YOU so if you’ve focused on any of these areas in the past and have something you want to share, send us a DM on our Instagram and we would love to share it with your fellow #LADYBALLERS!!


Make sure to tag @soccergrlprobs_camps in your posts and we can’t wait to see you all take your game to the next level!!