"The Girls Guide" - We Answer YOUR Questions!

We asked, you answered! Now we’re answering your questions! We wanted to know exactly how we could help our #Ladyballers throughout their experiences of soccer, life, and everything in between. Here are the questions you asked with our answers!


@kimberlyynicoleee: How to gain more self-confidence on the field?

Self-confidence is huge and can make or break you. There isn’t a switch in your brain that you can just turn on and BOOM! Now you have confidence. It’s a slow buildup that overtime you start to feel more and more from just believing in yourself. Just know that you can do whatever you put your mind to. And practice makes “perfect”, or at least close to it. If putting your mind to it isn’t enough, get out there on the field or in the gym and keep working until the confidence starts to come out.


@meredith.levine.13: What advice do you have for young(middle/high school) travel athletes?

A big piece of advice would be to make sure you are enjoying what you’re doing. As much as you should be committing to your sport, you only live that part of our life once. Middle school and high school are both defining moments in your life, so make sure you are happy! Traveling for sports is amazing and can be a great experience, but I know from personal experience it can also take a lot of time out and you may have to miss out on other experiences.


@aubrey_etheridge2: Seeing your teammates in normal clothes.

LOL. I think this is a shock to anyone’s system when you first see your teammates out of their soccer gear and with their hair down. If you’re seeing your teammates like this, it probably means you are getting the chance to hangout outside of soccer, which is always a great time! Enjoy it while you can!


@lauren.cacciatore: Best ways to prepare and condition for tryouts/in general?

Everyone’s body is different, and everyone has elements that they can to improve on. If you have a strength and conditioning coach, it can be very helpful to go out of your way and talk to her or him about a specific conditioning plan for you. Whether that is focusing more on sprints, long distance, or weight training. You also know your body better than anyone else.If you know long distance isn’t your thing, start going on runs that may be a little longer for you than usual. Slowly, that may get easier for you!Obviously never push yourself too hard. A few baby steps every day ends up a giant leap in a week.


@mjaugust20: How to deal with stress within your soccer club?

Being on any team can definitely be a stressful experience.Even though these girls may be some of your best friends, you are all competing for a spot on the same field. It’s easy sometimes to let drama or issues appear. But it’s important to know that this drama should be temporary, your friendships can be forever. Keep your friendships at the base of it all and be kind to one another.


@the.lil.miss: I’m going to a tournament soon, do you have any tips?

Good luck! Go out and try your best. If it’s a recruiting tournament, make sure you are reaching out to coaches and schools before the tournament to let them know you will be there and ask them to watch you play.Don’t count on coaches just being there and seeing you. Make sure you are on their radar! Other than that, enjoy these moments with your friends and teammates. You will definitely miss these times when they’re gone. Soccer tournaments with my best friends will forever be some of my greatest memories.


@rachel.kallai: What type of diet should you have to stay in shape during season?

Well, if you asked my teammates, they would tell you I am definitely not the person to answer that question, LOL. Everyone is different!I know some people who really don’t focus too much on what they’re eating, and it doesn’t affect them, and others who have their specific diet, and don’t stray from it at all. Obviously, it’s best to eat “healthy”, but also make sure you know what “healthy” is for you and your body. If you have access to a nutritionist, if your diet is something that’s very important to you, they can be a great help.


@isabellagarcia_17: How you balanced your personal life and your soccer life?

This may be one of the most important aspects of playing a sport: knowing how to balance it with your personal life. I know when I was younger, I didn’t know how to do this and almost got burnt out on soccer.Thankfully, I found my love for it again. I think in order to balance it, you just need to know that while it should be one of your top priorities, it’s okay to spend time with your friends and do fun things as well! Obviously, this doesn’t mean you should skip practices or games, but if it’s something like a school dance or a once in a lifetime experience, it’s OKAY to make the choice between the two! You may not remember the soccer game 10 years later, but I can guarantee you’ll remember the school dance with your best friends.


@izzysoccer818: How to deal with concussions?

Ugh, concussions are the worst! They’re just one of those things that you can’t play through no matter how badly you may want to. It’s important to take your time off to heal during a concussion, as hard as that may be. Your doctors are just looking out for you and want the best for you.I’ve known girls who had to stop playing entirely because of their concussions.And as sad as it is, it’s important to put your mental health first ALWAYS.


@itss.melissa12: Tips or advice on getting recruited?

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Thank you all so much for your questions! We hope we answered them for you. If you have any additional questions or just need advice on something you’re going through, feel free to reach out to us on our Instagram page,@soccergrlprobs_camps! Thanks, Ladyballers! See you next week with our nextblog!